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« on: 2010.09.06, 02:43:52 »
...I have been thinking about this since eCS 2.0 has come out and wanted to hear what others thought, if it was a good (or semi good) idea I would move forward on it.

I really love Object Desktop 2.0 and I think I would be hard pressed to use eCS 2.0 without it. With that I am really wanting to email Brad Wardell about opening the OS/2 Version. It would be great to have the eCS team able to add it to the install (if the user wanted), with all the updates (2.02) and any fixes/additions the good people at Mensys/Serenity Systems could muster, it would be a killer app.

Of course, this might never happen and I believe this was asked before from Stardock, but Object Desktop 2.0 came out in 1998 and I cannot believe they are making any money from it nor are they using any of the technology today.

Heck, I would be so inclined to ask for the entire library of OS/2 software they have created over the years to "donate" to the community.

I mean between all the apps and games they put out it would be some real wealth.

Anyways, I have had a few glasses of wine but this is something I have really mulled over and I am hoping we could put our heads together and figure out. If everyone thinks there might be even a remote possibility, I would have no problem writing up (a letter to Stardock/Brad Wardell) something for everyone to look at, prof, and then send out.

Never know, after 12 years they might just be OK with letting it all go.



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Re: So...
« Reply #1 on: 2010.09.06, 04:06:52 »
craigm, just go ahead and try it.

A think a year ago I sent an email about it to Brad, but never got a reply. Possible with the time that has passed Brad will be more open about Object Desktop.

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Re: So...
« Reply #2 on: 2010.09.06, 08:07:53 »

I tought about asking them to open OD 2.0 up as well the other night... but to be honest, I'm a bit interested to peek at some of the code for educational purpose to understand how to code/use SOM and what one can do with the wps.

I guess there are parts of OD (M$ RTF and Word doc v6, Spreadsheet interpreters etc.) that they may not have the rights to "give away", but I guess I can live with such things. Would be neat if we could get a light weight native version of the engine perhaps as a Lucide plugin instead to view various file formats.



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Re: So...
« Reply #3 on: 2010.09.06, 17:14:19 »

I have doubts as to whether Stardock would be interested in "opening up" any of their OS/2 software.

I seem to recall that as soon as the Stardock bid to create the new OS/2 client was rejected by IBM in favour of Serenity Systems (eComStation) Stardock ceased OS/2 development and moved completely to Windows development. I remember there was a page on their website which announced discontinuation of OS/2 development and support.

However, that was now over 10 years ago and maybe Stardock's attitude has changed/softened enough to ask.

Good luck to whoever does the asking  :-)