Author Topic: SNAP works with Displayport to DVI Adapter  (Read 1218 times)


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SNAP works with Displayport to DVI Adapter
« on: 2010.09.24, 09:10:46 »

FYI: Just connected my X200 Dockingstation with a Diplay Port to DVI cable with
the 21" Monitor I have got. The X200T with the installed SNAP 3.18 (full) with
eComStation 2 booted without any problems with a very sharp and clear view.
Maxiumum resolution is availiable (1650X1080 in my case)

See attached picture.

Further information: How to install SNAP with modern chipset Intel4500?: While
initial installation of eCS 2 choose "Panorama Vesa". Once Installation is
finished, delete the SNAP folder on your boot Drive. Get the SNAP 3.18 full
edition (not the one that comes with eCS2) with the free availiable registration
code and install it. Reboot and for me the SNAP works, even in VESA 3.0 mode it
is not slower as the Panorama but also cuts some Panorma deficits with SDL and
Virtual PC applications.

IMPORTANT HINT: If you reboot with SNAP the first time and your monitor stays
black and says something like "out of adjustment" wait until the eCS is booted
(even if you can not see the WPS), then press ctrl+alt+del and you will see the
blue menu. Choose C to go to command line, change to the SNAP directory you
created during SNAP install, type : gactrl.exe to start the SNAP control
program, choose 2 for LCD refresh control, adjust to 60 MHZ, press ESC several
times to get bakc and the WPS will appear (hopefully :-) )