Author Topic: "Out of Memory" on SMP mode  (Read 1556 times)


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"Out of Memory" on SMP mode
« on: 2007.07.16, 16:02:28 »

  Hello again,

  Today I was able to do some tests and noticed the SMP mode of SMP Kernel
doesn't "like" my computer. My computer is a Core2 Duo E4300, running on a
ASUS P5GZ-MX motherboard, with 2GB of kingston RAM (2x1GB).
  I installed eCS 2.0RC1, configured ACPI to use APIC and installed the
SMP kernel. The fact is: if I do not enable SMP (/SMP) on ACPI driver,
the kernel only identifies 1 CPU and the system works without any problems.
If I enable SMP (/SMP) on ACPI, the kernel identifies both cores (as 2 CPUs)
and works, but with at least one BIG limitation (besides the problems with
Firefox I had mentioned before): I cannot load more than 512MB (the
number is not exactly 512, it's something between 512MB and 600MB).
   Since this computer has about 2GB of RAM, this is a weird limitation.
I tried to change things on CONFIG.SYS, modifying VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT,
but no real results: I face the same limitations in therms of memory load.
Whenever I load Java or VirtualPC, suddenly my computer becomes
unusable, unable to load anything.

  Anyone knows what should I change so I can use all of my computer's memory?

  Thanks in advance.