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« on: 2011.01.01, 17:22:01 »

I am making my website official at! It is dedicated to people that use eCS but are not superusers (though your welcome here to help me!). I have been using OS/2 since 2.1 and eCS from the start. It is by far my favorite OS and I want people to know why and become interested in it.

Is eCS 2.0 perfect? Oh God no!'s a great OS with a ton of programs out there, main stream, native, and ported. I have always enjoyed my time with eCS compared to Windows, and as I tell people that ask, I just feel more at home in eCS and it does everything I want (almost).

It's been awhile since I have done a website and I wanted to get my feet back in. I also wanted to show people that you can contribute with little time. I have a family and a full time job. So time is important to me. But eCS deserves some time also since I use it and our community is small. I wanted to give back and this is my way to do it.

I have actually been working on this site for a few months making sure I can handle adding news and posting it. If you look at my “Past News” at the top of this page and then 2010, you will see many, many posts. I am hoping soon to be able to allow people to post comments to each.

I am also an avid fan of DOS games. One of the ways I want to have people see what we do is soon(ish) to have many, many DOS games here that have been filed and tested on eCS. I hope this will also get the attention of other OS users that like DOS games also, if not to convert them, then to let them know eCS is out here and what it is about.

Make sure to check out my reviews, I am wanting to do two reviews a month, more if I have the time!

I have many ideas for this site but I am relearning HTML again so it will take some time. Until then, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, I am always open to suggestions. Please email me at the link below.

Thank you everyone that has given to the eCS community, it's my turn!

Craig Miller


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Re: BlueNexus
« Reply #1 on: 2011.07.12, 14:53:07 »
You're doing a great job, you got some solid reviews up and I love the fact that you post the software with the review. Couldn't be easier.

Keep it up!