Author Topic: Developing a specialized app based on DSS w the Cairo Clock  (Read 7954 times)


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I have been thinking about using the clean and simple Cairo Clock as the basis for an application to assist me in adhering to my schedule by changing the background color gradually during appointments both to cue me to the phase of the appointment as well as to motivate the phase by using colors appropriate to the degree of receptiveness or active completion of each visit.  It would be capable of following a schedule outline provided by a separate schduling app with standard appointment durations that it would apply based on the time set aside for the visit. 

Given that the idea of using different colors would likely require a great deal of trial and error, I would want to provide an interface that would alllow me to quickly and easily change the color patterns and to save those that I had tried.  I would also want it to be capable of being displayed on two screens so that one can be in front of me (off to one side or the other) and the second one behind me facing forward so that it would be visible to my patients.     

I have looked at the three part guide and believe I could follow the process described but would need help at frequent intervals, especially early. 

Any thoughts?

- Mark

Mark Henigan

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Re: Developing a specialized app based on DSS w the Cairo Clock
« Reply #1 on: 2010.02.18, 22:08:03 »
Hi Mark,

I think what you are doing is feasible. If you get stuck, I'm planning to hold a programmer's workshop at Warpstock 2010 in Waterloo, ON where we will take projects such as yours, and help you complete them. It would be hands-on, so you'd bring your laptop with your project, and we'd be looking at your problems and brainstorm solutions.

This is the kind of environment I learned to program long ago, and I found it to be very powerful.

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