Author Topic: thunderbird 3.1.2 os2kernel "panic" in VirtualBOx  (Read 3717 times)


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thunderbird 3.1.2 os2kernel "panic" in VirtualBOx
« on: 2011.03.02, 12:17:34 »
Hello all , i am doing a backupconfiguration of a real working EcomStation from an IBM T42 to a VirtualBox 4.02 on a Apple imac.

It seems all programs work correctly excep the Thunderbird mail program. which causes a kernel TRAP os2kernel black screen... few seconds later than i press it to start.

Any idea of what the problem can be?

I wil try to reinstall the program original. as all the info was just "copied" via FTP from the working T42 to the virtualized eCs.

It is an eComStation 2.0 with little preview2 of flash10 "heacked" to use it as regular basis... i never got a trap of blackscreen due to thunderbird on the other computer.

Francesc, from spain  :P


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Re: thunderbird 3.1.2 os2kernel "panic" in VirtualBOx
« Reply #1 on: 2011.03.02, 13:19:54 »
Hola Francesc,

I have not experienced something like this.
Regarding the "install" via FTP - did you only FTP the Thunderbird etc. applications or did you also install eCS this way??

If it is only the application, then I don't think it is a problem, because the "real" install is nothing but extracting files too.
Regarding the differences between native eCS and a virtualized one from the viewpoint of an application, the following pitfalls come to mind:
- path or libpath not correct
- virtual memory limitation (by VBox)
- some addon, plugin, extension in Thunderbird?
- "mis-" configuration of TB that doesn't work inside VBox (e.g. sound but no sound driver...)
- missing runtime or helper DLL in the virtual eCS

I guess really the best way to solve it is to FTP the installer/archive for all the programs and then install from inside teh VBox eCS guest.
Oh, you don't have an "popuplog" by any chance?

HTH, Cheers,
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Re: thunderbird 3.1.2 os2kernel "panic" in VirtualBOx
« Reply #2 on: 2011.03.07, 11:36:56 »
Hello, thanks for ur ideas:

I did a mixed instalation, first installing ecs in the virtualbox machine, later copying os2.ini files and programs... so on. Perhaps is there some dll from old versions... doing its way...

I have tried thunderbird 3.1.8 downloaded from internet, and it runs without problems. later 3.1.2 still causes crash.

Ur idea about a problem in virtual memory of VBox,etc seems the most acurrate. the black screen apperar withouy any dll or message, just os2kernel.  I have also changed some parameters of the VM, as pagingmemory etc.. with the same results.

The popuplog does not appears,, perhaps is a problem of sounddrivers... i will try to test total uninstall of sound drivers ... but it seems a problem of using memory of TB inside the machice.

Thanks alot, Francesc