Author Topic: OS2 Boot HDD backup  (Read 2827 times)


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OS2 Boot HDD backup
« on: 2011.05.17, 07:32:42 »

I have purchased a PC for an industrial application which runs OS/2 Warp 4.00 with no CDs or floppies with an old hard disk. The PC Works OK and the file system is FAT, but I need to create a backup bootable HDD. I have tried this using DriveXML (on XP) which usually works for me on other OSs in tricky situations but the copy doesn't boot.

My research on the web suggests using the sysinstx to put the boot stuff on the copy, but isn't on the HDD, nor is the "create utility diskettes" able to find files.

Can I get and any other files it needs from somewhere to make this backup HDD boot, or is there another way ?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Stephens
TJS Systems


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Re: OS2 Boot HDD backup
« Reply #1 on: 2011.05.17, 14:06:17 »
Hi Tim,

is the backup HDD intended to be plugged-in to a standard interface, i.e. to actually replace the old HDD?
Or is that some kind of USB-attached device?
My suggestion would be to
- make sure the backup HDD uses a partition of the same size and type like the "old"
- use DFSee to clone the stuff

That should do the trick. Perhaps there is also an easier way but I can't tell at the moment.

The failure to boot can be caused by several problems though... any details on this? SYSnnnn messages? Freeze? What exactly happens?

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Re: OS2 Boot HDD backup
« Reply #2 on: 2011.05.17, 15:11:28 »
Hi Tim,

There are a couple of things I'm not clear about from your post.

1)  Is this a new computer to replace an existing on that is running some equipment?

2)  What size is the hard disk you are trying to copy?

Obviously the program you are using is not making and transferring an image of the boot partition.  If this were so then it should boot from the restored image.  As Thomas says use Dfsee to make and restore an image file of the HD (there is a version that works with windows).

If you are replacing an old computer with a modern one then there could well be other factors involved as well that could prevent it booting so more details as to the equipment would help us to help you.