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Re: Multi-monitor Systems
« Reply #30 on: 2011.05.30, 23:11:50 »
Yes, I guess it would be a bit of a challenge to create something like that on top of everything else.

Yeh, it really would complicate things vastly. Afterall, I'm new to a lot of this.

Another interesting feature would be to set/switch which monitor should act as No 1 and the next as No 2 etc to allow e.g. laptops to use a large external monitor as the primary display
Several of our developers where I work use that feature when they're sitting in the office.

Quite honestly, that's one of my next few blocks of code to work on. Though, I had different motivations for it, I wanted to be able to change the order of framebuffer outputs. In addition to the usage case that you just touched on, it would also allow you to setup a multitude of monitors & decide the order that they are in. This would be beneficial when you take into consideration a 3x2 or 3x3 display setup. You'd want the final desktop image to be in the correct order, so you'd want to be able to configure the output regardless of the actual physical layout of the monitors.
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Re: Multi-monitor Systems
« Reply #31 on: 2011.06.21, 13:26:24 »
Hi Rob,

If you are currently running a multi-monitor setup under OS/2 (as I do),
... [snip]

ehhh... looking at your pics... how the heck did you manage to get this to work in eCS?
I was always able to only clone the desktops. What's the trick behind it?

You might have mentioned it somewhere in the thread, but are you running this
- with Matrox "DualHead2Go" or similar
- by using SNAP instead of Panorama or vice-versa including the "widescreen activator"
- or is this a virtualized eCS

Please let me know, cheers,
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