Author Topic: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52  (Read 5678 times)


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Re: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52
« Reply #15 on: 2011.06.06, 18:07:31 »
I found it necessary to copy data off the DVD and reformat the disc with the later version of UDF to avoid those problems.

As I recall, I was always formatting UDF, just to recover from errors. UDF was definitely not a reliable way to make backups. Now, I use DVDDAO to write my DVD backups (with auto verify), and I am having much better results. Of course doing that effectively formats the disk every time. DVDDAO also writes to CDs.

I too have a 1 TB USB drive, which works well with RSYNC (nightly). The main problem with that is that it is really slow, if I need to do a major restore (never, yet). Yes, it is running at USB 2.0 speeds, with the speedup patch applied. 1 TB is just a LOT of data.  :)

To write the backups to DVD, I create some backup files (weekly, using BackAgain/2000, which does have some problems) onto my hard disk, then I burn them to DVD using DVDDAO. That also means that I have the original backup files on the hard disk (also copied to the USB drive), so I use them, when possible (almost always, so far). Of course, the BA/2K backups are limited to the "important" stuff, and I depend on the USB drive for the rest.

My third line of defense is a bootAble DVD (monthly), with another BA/2K backup of the "REALLY important" stuff, which I keep offsite.

Note that this is a new address for bootAble (it is almost the same as the old address). I recommend the WPI installer version of bootAble, because that includes the ConfigMaker program, which makes it much easier to get started.


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Re: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52
« Reply #16 on: 2011.06.08, 00:15:33 »
I think the first link has some really BAD information on it. The second link describes UDF, but makes no claim to be a preferred file system for DVD (I have never seen a "commercial" DVD with UDF, but I won't say that they don't exist).

I have... but most of the DVDs I've seen support some weird mode combinations. Not an exclusive "Hey, it's just a UDF format" or such.

The standard combinations are one, two or all three of the following:
- ISO9660
- Joliet

The programs I use on our sole Windows box to build DVDs supports UDF by itself, ISO9660 by itself; or in conjunction with one or both of the others (ie: Joliet is always an option including WITH something else and cannot be selected separately).

I suspect OS/2 simply reports the DVD as whatever format is compatible with whatever file system filter it's using. In the case of you seeing CDFS, I suspect it's ISO9660-1999. I've seen this often included for compatibility purposes. If OS/2 reports the disk as ISO9660, that does not mean it does not use UDF. It probably means it uses UDF *and* ISO9660-1999. With UDF disabled, you'll see it as an ISO9660 disk. With UDF enabled, I've got no clue. No idea how OS/2 prioritizes such, though I'd assume it'll use UDF *IF* the file system support is of sufficient level to handle the version on the disk (ie: v2.60... if your OS/2 install doesnt support it, it may fall back to ISO9660 support, even though the disk is UDF compatible).
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Re: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52
« Reply #17 on: 2011.06.08, 12:44:53 »
If you really want to make backups on discs then use DVD-RAM with UDF.

But don't think a disc is a good choice these days when CF-cards with more than 4GB and external USB harddisks with a lot more space and speed are available. Remember with DVD-RAM the drive makes the defect management by itself transparently to the OS and CF-cards usually make too. Which beside others makes these two medias by far more reliable then ordinary CD or DVDs or SD-cards.


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Re: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52
« Reply #18 on: 2011.06.08, 15:59:30 »
While I have seen a lot of interesting discussion here, I would like to offer a very simple suggestion. Please open your config.sys file and make sure udf.ifs is being loaded before the cdfs.ifs statement. I recall having this same problem back on Warp 4.52 as I could not watch DVD movies using Warpvision until the statements were traded.

I'm not sure why but the ifs's are loaded in order and searched the same way. eComstation users on 1.2 and higher never see this problem as the config.sys is re-ordered that way by default. should look like this when correct.


After checking or correcting this, Suggestions in some of the other posts may apply.

As for the backup suggestion, Blu-Ray drives are getting cheap as well as the media and I have been using them since DVD Toys was first released with great success. 25 gig per disk is a much nicer chunk combined with zipping the folders to retain the EA's.