Author Topic: eCS + OS/2 e-Mail Client => 2011 Catch-Up+  (Read 2834 times)


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eCS + OS/2 e-Mail Client => 2011 Catch-Up+
« on: 2011.07.14, 03:23:03 »
Current & up-to-date threads for an e-mail client/reader, are virtually non-existent.  I'm also looking "to finally graduate" from gmail, yahoo mail, etc. to an offline e-mail client.  Plus, my hunch is some may be new to the eCS/OS2 community over the past 5 years.

What is your personal experience?  Is Polarbar, or Rexx Mail, still viable without maintenance & updating for the past 7+ years?  How about Mozilla offerings like SeaMonkey?  Does anybody still use Lotus Notes?  Does anyone have a SOHO e-mail server scenario?  Who syncs e-mail clients cross-platform?  Are there any neat e-mail utilities?  ...etc.

The intent here is a more detailed what-is-most-effective-thread for circa 2011 forward.

Here are a handful of weblinks to begin this e-Mail Client thread:

[1] Hobbes mail =>

[2] Hobbes rexx mail =>

[3] Voice PMMail =>

[4] (java-based) Polarbar => {also note 40+ instructive screenshots}


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Re: eCS + OS/2 e-Mail Client => 2011 Catch-Up+
« Reply #1 on: 2011.07.14, 13:12:27 »

I see that you have PMMail listed. While it is a current E-mail client, it isn't available to the general public. It is only available to V.O.I.C.E. members. Too bad, since it is a great client in itself and the only one that is still being maintained, is written for OS/2 and not ported from another platform.

MR/2 ICE is still available, but if it's being maintained there is no evidence of it. The code changed hands a few years back with promises of good things to come, but those words turned out to be air vibrations and nothing more. Too bad!

JAVA based clients I tend to stay away from because of the additional overhead. However, with JAVA 6, things may have improved.

There are the Mozilla-based, ported clients, (Thunderbird for example), stand-alone and integrated, but there are problems associated with those, mainly that they unintentionally delete messages if you have a large number of them. It's not a problem if you only have a few thousands messages. Now, maybe this problem has been fixed since I last used one, but if it has, then I know nothing of it.

Frankly, not a lot has changed in the last five years.

But, maybe someone can add something significant to the thread that will brighten our opinion on that.  :D