Author Topic: Getting internet access after migration  (Read 2660 times)


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Getting internet access after migration
« on: 2011.06.22, 23:52:38 »
This is about the same as my post starting the "Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit" thread, but things haven't changed.  Health issues have been a problem, and my lack of knowledge remains the biggest one.

I had managed to migrate eCS 2.0 over the 1.2 updated with the files I was told about (that updated 1.2 also boots, and can access the web, but quickly locks up (no popuplog.os2 clue.)  I can't access the web from the migrated version, I think for two reasons.  1, i can't remember the name, subnet mask, etc. I used for the network, or whichever name eCS asks for.  2, migration installed the generic driver for my Intel Pro 100+ NIC, and the built-in NIC.  Perhaps that is a problem?  It also installed Panorama driver, instead of already installed SNAP.

I want to install a clean 2.0 as well, on a non-C: partition.  How is that done?

Thank you for any help, as always.
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Re: Getting internet access after migration
« Reply #1 on: 2011.06.23, 08:09:30 »
If you can install then - install  :)  eCS need not be installed on C: neither it must be installed on a primary partition. Start new installation from your CD, select "custom installation", create (or select) a partition where you want to install, make it installable, save, go. You can select a drive letter for your partition at your wishing. Boot managers: If you are using the OS/2 boot manager then also add your partition to the BM menu. If you are using another BM then you'd better only create the partition, restart, add the partition to your BM menu from elsewhere, restart from your CD and continue installation.

As to the web. How does it lock up and crash? Do you get any error messages, like "the address cannot be accessed"? If you don't then the problem is with your web browser and not with your web connection most likely. Anyway, start MPTS and remove all protocols you don't want and network card drivers you aren't using from MPTS. Protocols and drivers get deactivated, not deleted from the disk, so that you can activate them again later. Configure for DHCP if you can. If you need to configure manually then you must set everything (adresses, masks, routes, DNS, etc.) yourself.


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Re: Getting internet access after migration
« Reply #2 on: 2011.06.23, 15:38:24 »
Hi OriAl

You could make a note of the network settings used by your 1.2 installation - pen and paper, the technology that lasts  ;-)

If not using the builtin nic then I suggest disabling it in the mainboard BIOS and uninstalling the associated drivers and protocols using Local System -> System Setup -> Network -> Adapters and Protocols

If nothing else it should remove the possibility that the system is trying to use the wrong nic.

You need to select SNAP as the video driver during installation.

Come to think of it there is supposed to be a "Video Driver Wizard" somewhere that should be able to change video drivers... Check Local System -> Install/Remove to see if it exists.