Author Topic: Which Mini-PCI WiFi card works best w/ eCS and T40 ?  (Read 1424 times)


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Hi all,

not sure if this rather belongs to "Networking", but nevertheless here we go:
Some time ago, a friend of mine offered me a almost brand-new thinkpad T40. I bought that notebook and was very satisfied with it until I discovered that it lacks a WiFi device.
After clicking through the first dozen of approx. 250+ offers at eBay ;-) without any data about the exact chipset used in either of the suitable devices, I thought it'll be best to ask you, as I'm sure that there's at least one person who owns a T40 with eCS-compatible WiFi mini-PCI.

So the main question is: What "FRU" or model does work with a T40 and eCS?

Additional note:
The original owner of the thinkpad initially changed/set the administrator BIOS password. After having not used the thinkpad for over 6 months he decided to sell it (for a very good price) through his friend to me. The problem is that he doesn't recall the password. Funny guy. That however doesn't have an impact on the usage of the T40 but I'm unsure if that might turn out to be a problem when adding/changing devices to the mini-PCI slot...

So question #2 is:
Do I require the admin password for T40 BIOS when changing devices physically? IIRC there's a wimodem mini-PCI in it but I want to dump that in favor of the WiFi...

Thanks for any hints or suggestions.
Regards all,
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