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system sound question
« on: 2007.09.17, 19:19:32 »
I just installed ecomstation 1.2r.
I selected the universal audio driver for pci during installation. My sound card is ess allegro 1988.
Luckily the sound works with the universal driver, but one odd thing is that while system sound is at a normal level, if I put in an audio CD and use the ECS player the CD music is much lower volume (even when I turn the volume up to max).
If I open the "UNIAUD mixer" application the CD audio volume then becomes much louder to a normal level like the rest of the system.

Any idea what is causing the cd audio volume to boot so low, and if I can fix it?

David Kiley


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Re: system sound question
« Reply #1 on: 2007.09.17, 23:37:34 »
I have this issue on my system with WAVOUT sounds - but only once I load BackTalk (which seems to reset the sound value). What I do is use the UNIMIX (non-PM app) to set the sound card values once the app is loaded - this might be a bit of a pain for you considering you would have to write a script that loaded the CD Player app, and then reset the sound card's audio levels.

Something you might want to try is modifying the MMPM2.INI file (change the volume output levels for the CDROM device - and possibly WAVOUT device to max or 80% or something similar - I think the defaults are probably a lot lower).
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