Author Topic: Multiple Network cards, Realtek 8139 & Cisco 350 wireless -- How to?  (Read 1575 times)


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  I can do an install selecting either the imbedded Realtek 8139 or the Cisco 350 PCMCIA wireless network adapter and they both work fine. But I can't seem to get them both installed together so that I can choose whether I want to use wireless or a cable connection to my LAN. Am I trying to do something "UnDooable"?
  Everything I've tried results in MPTS crapping out on the third installation phase. I'm using ECS 2.0 rc1 on a Toshiba M45-S165 Laptop.
  Does anybody have a procedure describing how to do this?
Thanks for any ideas.
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I think it should be trivial to set up.

or, actually, without wlan, it could be pretty difficult...
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