Author Topic: eComStation and Vista Similarities(?)  (Read 2022 times)


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eComStation and Vista Similarities(?)
« on: 2007.10.18, 00:15:26 »
I noticed that the solitaire program in Vista automatically flips the card under the one moved. This was already a feature in OS/2 and eCS.

I have also noticed that the hour glass in Vista is now a square clock. This was already something from OS/2 and eCS.

As I use eCS and Vista, I will probably notice more similarities. I wonder if MS got these ideas from OS/2-eCS?   ;D



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Re: eComStation and Vista Similarities(?)
« Reply #1 on: 2007.10.20, 02:44:18 »
Microslop probably swiped 'em. Let's make some big $$ and sue for patent infringement! LOL