Author Topic: Question regarding ECS 2.1 home license  (Read 1685 times)


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Question regarding ECS 2.1 home license
« on: 2012.01.05, 08:46:02 »
I recently purchased the home license of 2.1.. and when ordering noticed this text:
The Home & Student version can be used by any private or small office user. As a private or small office user, it is allowed to have up to 5 licenses installed for production usage. This version includes 6 months of Software Subscription Services. You need 1 license per computer you install.
The above seems a little unclear to me, since it seems to be implying the single license gives you rights to install on 5 separate machines, but the last text implies it's only good for one computer.

I'm only installing on one computer now anyways, but just curious what the license rights are for the future. Anyone know what they mean by that, if you have a 5 seat license or just rights to purchase up to 5?


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Re: Question regarding ECS 2.1 home license
« Reply #1 on: 2012.01.05, 09:41:36 »
One license gives you the right to install on one (concurrently-used) computer.  (It was at one time semi-official policy that this covered installing on one desktop plus one laptop as long as you didn't use both at the same time; I don't know if this last point is still true or not.)

The five licenses thing is a limitation, not a permission.  Note that it says five licenses, not five "computers".  In other words, one customer (or one office, presumably, in the case of businesses) is only allowed to buy up to five Home and Student Edition licenses. 

The point is that if you want more than five eComStation licenses, you have to buy the Business Edition.