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Posted by Martin Iturbide - Friday, 13 January 2012

Adrian Gs. .. .

I want to quote Adrian's last message:

"One last remark: While we build a lot of stuff around open source software I get the impression that in some cases changes in the code (aka patches) do not get distributed with released binaries. This is not really smart, open source software is about sharing code and at least for GPL based software it is mandatory to release modified code. But even if you are using BSD or Apache licensed code we should share our code. The OS/2 community is definitely too small to waste time on searching recent patches for compiling it on our platform. So if you keep some stuff for you, please release it with the binaries!"

Currently I think he as a point here. We are having this issue with open source software on this community and not only patches for netlabs open source projects:

1) We have open source porters, that do not release their source code when they port something to OS/2. If it is GNU GPL software they need to release the source code, no matter if they only change a little bit of it to make it run under OS/2.

2) There are other open source projects, that release the source code (because they are forced by the GNU GPL), but they want to hide the binaries. While this is be legal, it is a waist of time. There is no point on hiding the binaries, because someone else can compile it and as Adrian says it is a waist of time for a community that lacks resources.
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