Author Topic: General observation on the worldview of OS/2  (Read 1749 times)


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General observation on the worldview of OS/2
« on: 2007.10.29, 16:19:54 »
I can sum up the perception of OS/2 very easily and visually.

1.  Go to
2.  Click "SeaMonkey 1.1.5" under "Other Mozilla Software"
3.  Observe the green box in the upper right.
-- "Windows"
-- "Linux"
-- "Other Systems"
4.  Click "Other Systems"
5.  Observe:  The only "Other System" is OS/2

It's not so bad that OS/2 is an 'other'.  What sucks is that OS/2 is the ONLY 'other'.  They should at least throw a broken BEOS build up there or something so it doesn't look so pitiful.  It's bad enough OS/2 is the last kid picked for flag football, they should at least know his name ; ;


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Re: General observation on the worldview of OS/2
« Reply #1 on: 2007.10.29, 21:58:27 »

I must be looking at a slightly different page...

I can see OS/2 and Linux/Fedora listed under "Contributed Builds".

I think what we are seeing is that only Windows, Mac, Linux are "Official Builds" and that anything else is not.

It would be great if OS/2 was considered viable enough to be an "Official Build" but I think we ought not to worry too much about the OS/2 build only being a "Contributed Build" and just say a big Thanks to those who actually Contribute to the Build - and hope that they continue to contribute.




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Re: General observation on the worldview of OS/2
« Reply #2 on: 2007.10.29, 23:54:24 »

you know what: Who the .... cares??
See, year after year we are faced with one or more articles from people who hardly manage to spell OS/2 correctly and are either born into dyslexia-proven mouseclickable user interfaces or feel themselves the kings of the world because they know "vi" by heart.
Also, we have to deal with the general "signs" that we are close to extinction on a daily basis: Abandonware, companies turning their backs on OS/2, people shifting to -shiver- Linux or -sigh- MacOS. Software listed under "vintage", "outdated", "archived" or "other" categories.
I have observed this for more than a decade now. And here's my two cents (actually three):

1st cent: To hell with "OS/2"
That product name has sooooo many associations for people, none of which is a positive one except for those who actually know it and thus don't care. It links to a company who failed beyond belief in exploring the potential, the reasons being numerous. So let's just kick that "OS/..."-shit out of what we have and call it "eComStation" once for all. Come on - it's only a name, folks! Let's put the past behind us and face future. BTW: I really don't think "eComStation" is a work of genius as a product name, but everything is better than "OS/2".

2nd cent: Do I run with the crowd?
I'm using eCS for everyday work. I know I seem strange but I don't care. Do I drive a Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz like "all the others"? Nope, Sir. My car is from Daewoo. Why? Because I needed a cheap and somewhat economic vehicle that rides me from A to B and back. Do I listen to what "all the others" like on the radio? No, Ma'm, I'm putting in my old "Police" tape or listen to the late Boss or other kinds of _real_ music (you know, where people used to play real instruments...).
So with all that making me "strange" and an alien or even "outcast", people still pay me a kings ransom for doing my job because they know I'm good, they don't care about me being "different". They pay me for being "different".
So why should I give a damn about what others say about the operating system I use?

3rd cent: Gandhi. Here's the quote:
"You have to be the change you want to see in the world."
So stop complaining. Make eCS be ALIVE. Make people talk about it. Bore your neighbours about it.

And I FULLY agree with Pete:
Let's drop on our knees and THANK Peter Weilbacher that he still contributes!!
<silence_and_awe />
The same applies to Paul Smedley for his ongoing ports efforts. Where would we be without them?
Heck, let's even thank Evgeny Gorbunov for constantly reminding us about things we didn't even want to know- ;-)
Let's say "cool!" to Kim for this site, "Wow" to Netlabs, Mensys, and dozens of people I forgot to mention here. There are so many people that contribute in either other way - be it software, newsletters, events... support... man, am I glad to be part of this. And you know what the funny thing about "other" is? From where we stand, Windows Mac and Linux are "the other OS's" too. :-)

Cheers (looking forward to Warpstock Europe - come on over, let's have a beer)
"It is not worth an intelligent man's time to be in the majority.
By definition, there are already enough people to do that"
- G.H. Hardy


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Re: General observation on the worldview of OS/2
« Reply #3 on: 2007.10.30, 00:12:06 »
Official or un-official, I am just glad there is one for OS/2-eCS.  ;D