Author Topic: ReactOS 0.3.14 Released  (Read 4207 times)

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Re: ReactOS 0.3.14 Released
« Reply #15 on: 2012.02.16, 09:02:00 »
Keep in mind this is really all just thinking aloud, I don't pretend to know a great deal about this stuff.

One question that arises is: would a new IPv6 stack replace the IPv4 stack or exist alongside it?  Specifically, would it have to perfectly implement the TCP/IP API in TCP32DLL etc.?  Or could it implement its own separate IPv6 API and require programs to be modified specifically to use that?  (The latter would probably be a lot easier than trying to reverse engineer and clone TCP32DLL/TCPIP32/SO32DLL/etc.)

I would have thought a dual-stack approach would be the best option.  Apps seem to link to either TCP32DLL or SO32DLL, and the functions present in those DLLs are fairly BSD compliant (except for select())