Author Topic: pxeos4l released: overview & configuration  (Read 5688 times)


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Re: pxeos4l released: overview & configuration
« Reply #30 on: 2012.07.17, 14:24:33 »
Stop wasting our time:

That's not a nice way to stop somebody to talk even when it was addressed to somebody else in this case. About the files, these are not provided by os2world and placing beta code on hobbes is not an option.


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Re: pxeos4l released: overview & configuration
« Reply #31 on: 2012.07.17, 14:51:42 »
Dear ff4.

I already talked to Valery about this subjet long time ago and he understand me. We chat on the #osfree channel from time to time.

OS2World can be closed for linking files that are copyrighted. Even if the files are not on our server.

The OS4 kernel is based on leaked IBM kernel source code, that's why it makes it ilegal to distribuite that files.
Also, distribuiting abandonware is consider by law a copyright infringement (

A solution to distribuite OS4 may be to release the files as a kernel patch or to completely replace the IBM code from the kernel.

We don't do this because we are in favor or not of the OS4 team/kernel, we do it because we don't want OS2World to be closed.

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Re: pxeos4l released: overview & configuration
« Reply #32 on: 2012.07.17, 17:58:49 »
Similar situation as some programmers had with BeOS Dan0. Code of Dan0 ''leaked'', Be Inc. closed, and some people made own distributions, based on Dan0's modifications. In that time c.holder was Palm Source and it was very indifference (like IBM now) very hard to say YES or NO in written form, and many interpreted as YES I can make freeware distribution, and someone had really permission from Palm Source but verbal, and in 2007 holder became ACCESS who clearly said NO YOU CAN'T. Unclearly still stayed what with unmodified version of Dan0 who received permission of Palm Source for educational purposes. Many said that deal is still current.

So people from OS/4 team, try permission from IBM for educational necessary modification of OS/2 kernel as OS/4 and other stuff to stayed under other valid licenses.