Author Topic: Need to create a REXX script for crawling a directory tree...  (Read 1520 times)


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I would like to hire out a small job in REXX script development.

I need a script that can crawl through a directory tree and search with a specific set of file masks and then launch an external script as a separate task to complete another task. Then return to the calling script and continue the crawl to the end of the tree repeating the search and external script launching. I would like to also have a log created in the base directory that contained the found file masks and the resulting return code after launching the external script.

Please respond initially here to this post if you are interested in this development project. Additional project spec and job cost can be discussed via email.

Thank you for your time and consideration with my request!

Todd J Simpson (IT Consultant)
Business Automation Technologies
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I am interested, drop me a note about detailed specs via
Kind regards,


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I'm interested as well, please do send me more info about the specs to

//Jan-Erik Lärka


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Ugh - you two beat me to it. Ironically, I just finished such a script to back up and compress my web server's SQL databases (they exceed 2GB, and besides the fact that the ZIP utility seems to take forever when that's the case, I really need each database individually zipped for easy restoration if the need arises).

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