Author Topic: eCS 2.1 on Samsung Slate Series 7 in Virtualbox with full support!  (Read 879 times)


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just to inform (video may come at the weekend): It is not possible to install eCS 2.1 on this marvelous Slate (I guess the biggest disadvantage ist, that the SSD drive is connected via PCIe and eCS can not handle this - whereas DFSEE and all the others can....). BUT - I tried an installation inside Virtual Box, and after having done some customization it is like this:

Even each and anything is working!!!!

- Video, 1366 X 768 True Colour
- Sound
- Pen (no special driver needed, one just has to install the OS/2 VBOX files Additions) including right mouse click on pen (!!!!)
- Fingertouch (!!!)
- The windows on screen keybboard (no problems at all!!!!) see pictures!
- even the Bluetooth keyboard (!!)
- Wireless LAN (as a networkbridge)

-> that is really impressive! It seems that the Virtualbox Client just takes advantage of all the Windows 7 drivers, it takes all the input regardeless if you use the finger, Stylus, keyboard, onscreen keyboard...... ;D ;D ;D

I wish it could run native - but almost everything else will not work then (WLAN; Bluetooth....)

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