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Realtek 8169
« on: 2007.05.14, 16:18:54 »
I have replaced my 100mb NIC with a TP-LINK gigabit NIC [Realtek 8169]. I
am using drivers for it that work fine in 100mb mode but I cannot get it to
operate at the 1Gbit speed.

The NIC is connected to a 8 port 1gigabit switch which indicates only a
100mbit connection. I have noted that the NIC in the WinXP boxes do not switch to 1gbit until the driver has initialized the card. That is; the card at power on is at 100mbit until told otherwise.

The driver I am using is rtgnda12[.zip] and dated 12/2006 so the drive is not old. I also tried the GemMac stuff, but I could not get is to work at all.

The cabling is Cat5e from the OS2 NIC to the ethernet switch

Anyone with some ideas please??