Author Topic: YUM/RPM still in use?  (Read 996 times)


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YUM/RPM still in use?
« on: 2012.07.17, 13:17:21 »
While building my Mini PC for the first time installed YUM/RPM.  It was really not that hard, but I wonder - is it still being updated? I installed QT 4.7.3 without issues. I was then looking for ODIN and JAVA 6, the newest ODIN there is (what I was able to find) 0.83 (to browse follow this link:  ) - but I was not able to install it, while JAVA 6 recommends ODIN 0.8.4. I found no JAVA 6 there, was'nt it supposed to be placed there?

Should I have looked into a different directory?

Once getting used to it I like this tool.

Is this project still being maintained?


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Re: YUM/RPM still in use?
« Reply #1 on: 2012.07.17, 17:01:23 »
Yes, it is still being maintained. You need to look in