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Eastern Canada Groups?


Are there any OS/2 User Groups left in Eastern Canada? Mainly the Maritime provinces?


There used to be quite a few of them in the mid 90s, but it's been a long time since I've heard of one still active... the last clinger-on-ers were based out of Nova Scotia, with the Newfoundland and New Brunswick user groups having faded out with the 90s.

The only actives ones, that falls into the eastern Canadian category now, are located in the Toronto area, (I don't know about Quebec), and I'm sure that's a mile or two too far for you.  :-\

But who knows, there may be one or two still around, or, barring that, at least a few OS/2 users in your area that could be coerced into forming a new users group. 8)

Finding them would be your main problem though.

I could probably post a message to the usenet groups around here and get one or two of the locals to speak up. I would love to have a local eCS user group but unfortunately I don't have the time to organize and/or maintain it all by myself. Maybe I could find someone who would be willing to help out.


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