Author Topic: Genmac Wrapper driver performance  (Read 10133 times)


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Re: Genmac Wrapper driver performance
« Reply #30 on: 2008.02.12, 21:27:15 »

I'd be suprised if the VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT upset HPFS386 - IFS initialisation is done after BASEDEVS but before most other drivers. The only time I suspect that this *would* upset HPFS386 would be if you were using the IBM LAN Server software *and* were pushing its load. HPFS386 would then be asked to dynamically create 'big buffers' (as opposed to request buffers) - although again more of these can be pre-created at IFS initialization. But you really have to be pushing the LANServer code for more big buffers to be needed. Web stuff is, of course, not reliant on the LANServer code.

Yes, the v4 Intel device driver is poop  ::) It supports a few newer chipsets tho.

To get any kind of reasonable performance with the Intel cards, you will need to use the v3.6x driver. I can send it to you, if you'd like.

Yes! Please do!!! Robert (dot) Mauro (at) gmail... or I can set up FTP access...

The settings for E1000.OS2 are as follows (Windows NT is shown in the docs sometimes, but these are the settings for OS/2). However, I've never found that changing anything interesting (such as TXLOOPCOUNT) does anything great for performance.:

The parameter disables Auto-Speed-Detect and causes the adapter to function at the speed indicated.

Syntax:  SPEEDDUPLEX = [0 | 1 | 2 | 3] 
Example: SPEEDDUPLEX = 2 
Default: Auto-Speed-Detect 
Normal Behavior:  0 = 10Mbps half duplex
1 = 10Mbps full duplex
2 = 100Mbps half duplex
3 = 100Mbps full duplex 
Possible Errors: If the SPEEDDUPLEX parameter is set to an invalid value:
The parameter is ignored and the default (Auto-Speed-Detect) is used
A message indicates a “Parameter value out of range” error

This a typo in the original Docs you think? (no 1000Mbs?)

...Even more parameters...


Thanks Moby,

I'll add it all to what I have...

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Re: Genmac Wrapper driver performance
« Reply #31 on: 2008.02.13, 22:42:00 »

File e-mailed, sorry for the delay.

I don't think that 1000 is supported unless negiotation is set. You will have to try modifying PROTOCOL.INI manually to see if it can be forced. However, I know that on some Intel switches, 1000 ports only go to gigabit if let set to 'auto' - it might be the same for the adapters - but that would make them at odds with all of the other gigabit adapters.