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Re: Install MPlayer
« Reply #30 on: 2008.08.28, 03:48:26 »
Thank you.

It's serious for my mother, and chronic and worsening for me (quadriplegia with extreme central pain syndrome that negatively impacts the movement I have left and affect my concentration,  memory, and retention, plus other issues),  but I have to try to keep up with eCS and try to learn XP.

The OS/2 community is really patient with me, and I appreciate it.

Are there fairly small files I can download to test mplayer?




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Re: Install MPlayer
« Reply #31 on: 2012.04.02, 01:35:46 »
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This is a rexx script to configure mplayer, note that you have to unpack mplayer (to %PROGRAMS%\Mplayer ) and the codecs (to %PROGRAMS%\Mplayer\Codecs ) to make this script work all the way as there's no check that the files exist.

I have left out the part to make changes to config.sys, you have to do that by hand if you want or modify the script. If you modify the script, please post it here so other people can see it as well.

Note that the code hasn't been tested much in it present state. Use with caution!!!
Please do post corrections if you see something that you think is wrong or can be changed.



***Corrected some problems I found***

Code: [Select]
CreatePrgmObj: procedure expose prgm.
    setupstring = 'OBJECTID=<'prgm.objid'>;EXENAME='prgm.destpath'\'';PARAMETERS='prgm.params';ASSOCFILTER='prgm.assocfilter';ICONFILE='prgm.icon';'

To get rid of the extra VIO windows change the above code to:

Code: [Select]
CreatePrgmObj: procedure expose prgm.
    setupstring = 'OBJECTID=<'prgm.objid'>;PROGTYPE=PM;EXENAME='prgm.destpath'\'';PARAMETERS='prgm.params';ASSOCFILTER='prgm.assocfilter';ICONFILE='prgm.icon';'

Also for mPlayer 4.4.5 add to the config file for sound:


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