Migration Assistant

Migration to new version of OS/2.

If you have old OS/2, let's prepare it for upgrade (migration to new version).

1-st Step: send config.sys from old OS/2 / eCS to eCo Software.
to email: support (at) os2 (dot) guru

* file
* + email + name/nickname + model of pc (so you can remember what computer)

The assistant uility will be free for users.

=== What way of migration to select? ===

* The system has "migration" mode when new files overwrite old files.
a) some programs are cutted and don't work anymore
b) in any case the users want install the system to fresh hard drive / ssd

* Other way - copy directories with the programs.
OS/2 programs don't have migration function so part of programs will not start after move.

* We offer this way:
You install new system to new hard drive.
Migration assistant is collecting information from old  disk about installe software and data for you.


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