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DFSee version 15.2 has been released. 

MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 15.x key already. 

However, it is a rather major update for user-interface in regard to
mouse-marking and full clipboard support on all platforms. For example: 

 - Simply use Ctrl-V to paste a (full path and) filename into a the file dialog
 - Copy contents from a DFSee entryfield with Ctrl-C, paste to another with Ctrl-V
 - Mark a range of bytes in the HEX-editor, and paste it into another sector
 - Mark an area in the output-window with Ctrl-C, then paste it into a support email
 - Mark part of a message window (or use Ctrl+A for ALL), copy it to the clipboard
 with Ctrl-C, then paste it into an email or text document 

Keyboard alternative keys like Alt-C/Alt-V and mouse like Ctrl-Click/Alt-Click
are available for clipboard support as well, see the help pages for details.
(for example: press  3 times, and page-down to item #100) 

As usual there are also several minor problem fixes and enhancements,
like a new option on the GPT command to change the partition name and
an improved FINDMFT/FIXBOOT for NTFS recovery. For details, see below. 

Note: Version 14.8 (or later) users can update directly using the menu: 

 Program Updates / Downloads ->
 Get latest STABLE update 

(Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions, if WGET is there) 

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks,
filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with
edit/view/copy capabilities including limited UNDELETE. 

More details at:

Download links from the DFSee website: 



Or from the HOBBES website:
 or (after processing):

Functional changes since 15.1 

 - BSFIND: Changed '-f' start position default mcs-unit to sectors
 - Bootsector: Removed (usualy incorrect) BeFS bootcode detection
 - CC: Clipboard Copy, copy lines from output window to clipboard
 - CMD: External command output, crude TAB expansion to 8 spaces
 - CP: Clipboard Paste, copy clipboard text to the output window
 - CV: Copy selected value to the clipboard as a (Hex) string
 - DOS: Support the (local) clipboard functions, within DFSee only
 - FILEDLG: Filename entryfield, allow path-separator '\' or '/'
 - FILEDLG: Support Drive + rel-path + wildcard like 'H:sub\*.log'
 - FILEDLG: Support relative-DIR like 'test\' or 'tmp\images\*.imz'
 - Filenames in commands, allow either '/' or '\' path separators
 - GPT: 'pid -name:newname' will change the name of a GPT partition
 - HEXED, DISASM: Fixed DISTORM bugs when compiled for 64-bit (macOS)
 - HEXED, DISASM: Highlight current instruction code bytes at top
 - HEXED, DISASM: Mouse doubleclick will 'jump' to that instruction
 - HEXED, DISASM: Use temporary mouse-drag MARK for clipboard copy
 - HEXED: Correctly highlight current buffer for odd nr of columns
 - HEXED: Extra PREV and NEXT buffer (total 9 now) for large screens
 - HFS: Better HFS superblock detection (no BSFIND false positives)
 - Linux: Copy-TO-Clipboard goes to both PRIMARY+CLIPBOARD X-selections
 - MBR: Include version and language for detected Airboot bootmanager
 - NTFS: FINDMFT command to locate the MFT area (for fixboot)
 - NTFS: FIXBOOT (non-spare) correct cluster size for FS  - NTFS: Menu item: 'Find MFT location, for Fix' doing a FINDMFT
 - OS/2: Set status title on CMD-window title-Bar and Window-list
 - PART: Avoid 'no active partition' warning on APM style 1st disk
 - Switch -lvmsize forces use of LVM disk size + related warnings
 - Switch -sigint enables Ctrl-C aborting, disabling Copy-to-Clipboard
 - UI: Ctrl-C handling in Windows respects '-sigint' switch now too
 - UI: Alt-A in HEXED marks whole current item (sector/cluster/block)
 - UI: Ctrl-C/Alt-C Copy-to-Clipboard for HEXED, ASCII or HEX-pairs
 - UI: Ctrl-C/Alt-C Copy-to-Clipboard for MsgBox (warning/error/about)
 - UI: Ctrl-C/Alt-C Copy-to-Clipboard for TextView (mostly help items)
 - UI: Ctrl-C/Alt-C Copy-to-Clipboard for Lists, Buttons, Menu-heading
 - UI: Ctrl-C/Alt-C Copy-to-Clipboard for Output-window (marked or window)
 - UI: Ctrl-V/Alt-V in HEXED paste from clipboard with ASCII or HEX-pairs
 - UI: Ctrl-A MARK-ALL entryfield, msg/help text and output windows
 - UI: Ctrl-X/Alt-X CUT entryfield marked-area to clipboard, unmark
 - UI: Cursor for INSERT/REPLACE mode larger, to platform standard
 - UI: DELETE in entryfield deletes marked-area, one char if no mark
 - UI: Dedicated desktop footer text when output-window has focus
 - UI: Drag-MARK: Auto scroll LEFT/RIGHT if mouse outside window
 - UI: Drag-MARK: Auto scroll UP/DN when mouse above/below window
 - UI: Entryfield Ctrl-V/Alt-V PASTE from, Alt-C COPY to clipboard
 - UI: Fixed Ctrl-C bug causing input-repeat or garbage on OS/2
 - UI: HEXED: Display marked-area in ASCII pane and in HEX pane
 - UI: HEXED: Fixed odd behaviour on Pgup/Dn with large window size
 - UI: HEXED: Support 'wrapped-line' marking by mouse-dragging
 - UI: INSERT mode, 'set insert on/off' command sets insert state
 - UI: INSERT mode, default ON at startup, -insert- switch reverts
 - UI: Mouse Alt+Click or Ctrl-Click MB2 copies (mark) to clipboard
 - UI: Mouse Click+Drag MARKS in Help/Msg/Text/Output/HexEdit window
 - UI: Mouse Ctrl+Click pastes from clipboard in Entryfield + HEXED
 - UI: Mouse DoubleClick (sometimes Single Click too) UNMARKS
 - UI: Paste Entryfield/HEXED to mark ONLY if cursor is IN mark
 - UI: Set OS window title on program exit, try to restore original
 - UI: Set OS window title to currently open object description
 - UI: Support multi-line marked area in Output-window and Help
 - UI: UNIX, insert STARTDRAG msg to get correct mark anchor position
 - UNIX: Error popup on missing clipboard utils xclip/pbcopy/pbpaste
 - UNIX: Relocated temporary filename(s) to temp dir '/tmp/....'
 - macOS: Startup 'su'/'disable SIP' hint on inaccessible bootdisk
 - macOS: Changed 'Display OS device/disk info' to show ALL disks
 - macOS: Menu item: 'Show SIP status' (Invisible macOS boot disk)
 - macOS: Probe /dev/rdiskN devices on startup, to see more disks
 - macOS: Recognize APFS FS in FileSystemOnly (synthesized) disks
 - txLib: New ExecRedirectIO function similar to `command` on UNIX 

Regards, JvW 


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