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eCo Software released LIP package Basic, it translates objects on desktop to other languages.
(only desktop objects, not all resources)

Download: http://os2.guru/lip

Current version contains resources for: Czech / German / Spanish / Finnish / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Russian / Swedish.

Even if you run this basic switcher, many programs start talking your language because
LIP package switches LANG variable
(which is used in the applications based on ECOLANGE library and other)

Development of LIP packages:
* New languages: you can translate desktop object names to your  language,

* If you have translated a system utility or an application,
we can distribute it with LIP package among other users talking your language.

The members of eCo Software are translating OS/2 system components and applications
since 90-th. We are collaborating with european OS/2 translators.


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