Wireless LAN Monitor 3.14 beta 10

Wireless LAN Monitor / XWLAN version 3.14 beta 10 has been released (2019/01/16). It is available as a XCenter widget as well as a standalone program, and features connection monitoring, multiple connection profiles, generation of WEP keys, and more.

- Netlabs ftp


I've uploaded the latest beta version of xwlan at the usual place -ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/wlan/

Although this is the most tested and best version ever (IMHO) I decided to release it as another beta version. This cause I've implemented a new feature to resize wpa_supplicant window and an experimental feature to use wpa_supplicant with an extra .conf file. Beside that there are some code cleanups and the brand new wpa_supplicant v2.7GA2 is included. Another reason to call it a beta is the not fully updated documentation.

Please don't forget to update your libraries before installing this beta. wpa_supplicant needs quite new versions. 'yum install libc libcx libgcc1 openssl-libs zlib' should be sufficient. Thanks to our friends at bww for constantly improving them. Check the wpa_supplicant tab in properties.

Although I tested with six different Thinkpads and one desktop system with a PCI wifi adapter and with different access points I'm sure there are a lot of usage scenarios I'm never thinking of.In case of problems don't forget to check the readme and the documentation.


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