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DFSee version 16 has been released.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning, smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks, HEX/binary disk or file editing, filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with edit/view/copy capabilities and much more ...

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Functional changes since 16

16.0, New filesystem support for ISO (9660) and APFS (Apple), menu improvements, various small enhancements and bug fixes
  • APFS: Version2/3 updates based on Apple File System Reference
  • APFS: ALLOC command to display FS usage (main and fusion tier2)
  • APFS: APFS filesystem in a type 0x73 MBR partition is recognized
  • APFS: Added display of Checkpoint-Map blocks, NEXT to C-super
  • APFS: Browse functionality implemented for directory-tree browse
  • APFS: BtreeNode display: allow -r, -p and -name select with -raw
  • APFS: Create a Volume selection list for 'vi' command and menu
  • APFS: Create bitmap caches for main and (fusion) tier2 devices
  • APFS: DESC command shows Btree RECORD types (CATS/DUMP/LEAVES)
  • APFS: DUMP and Tree/Node display, FS-Tree details and filtering
  • APFS: DUMP command enhanced with -name:wildcard select DIR/XATRR
  • APFS: DUMP command enhanced with -x:transactionId filter value
  • APFS: DUMP command fine-tuned for a display width of 120 columns
  • APFS: FINDPATH or '\path' commands will display file information
  • APFS: FOLDER command; Auto folder-display on select from snlist
  • APFS: FileSaveAs (recovery) implemented for std file data-stream
  • APFS: LEAF command determines fist/next leaf-node ID in a tree
  • APFS: LEAVES command displays tree-contents (faster than dump!)
  • APFS: LEAVES/DUMP commands support Inode name wildcard selection
  • APFS: New CP command refreshes to latest or given checkpoint
  • APFS: Recovery of a symlink will create a file with the linkname
  • APFS: Support -q and -v verbosity on PART and other displays
  • APFS: VIRT command translates virtual object-ID/Xid to blocknr
  • APFS: Xfield display in FS BtreeNodes, for filesize and filename
  • ATTACH: Option -i, Use a better geometry for attached IMZ image
  • BSFIND: Force sector 0 (MBR/Boot) to be 'found' and always listed
  • DISKLIST: Execute 'media -update' before display of the list
  • Display sector: Add 'Block:0x....' to end of identifying line
  • GENPART: Create correct commands for GPT partitioned disks too
  • GPT: Use GPT-style on a HYBRID-GPT/MBR with Auto-GPT set to ON
  • HEXED: Do NOT go to END of output, popup at current scroll-pos
  • HEXED: default 16 columns, key cycles 16-32-64-128-256 width
  • HEXED: default position at the END (column 99) of regular output
  • IMAGE/RESTORE: Fix incorrect default size when using -P (dialog)
  • IMZ: fix XMZ indexfile creation for truncated/partial IMZ files
  • IMZ: for a partitioned-disk IMZ, prompt for partition to browse
  • ISO: Add display of 'path to root' for directory block displays
  • ISO: BROWSE initial list building and navigation implemented
  • ISO: Display DIR including Joliet LFN and Rock Ridge Posix info
  • ISO: Display El Torito (bootable CD) hdr info, link to boot img
  • ISO: Display and navigation of directory blocks implemented
  • ISO: FINDPATH or '\some\path\to\file' resolves file information
  • ISO: Initial support for the ISO9660 filesystem (DVD/CDROM)
  • ISO: SAVETO command including file copy and recover from BROWSE
  • ISO: Supply file-info to support 'list -f' and Browse Display
  • JFS: DIRTY cmd Improved cmd help, and superblock 'dirty' display
  • JFS: DIRTY command 'query' parameter sets RC to FS status value
  • LIST: -f option improved display for non-file records in the list
  • LOG: Support ~1..9 date/time filename substitution (see 'log -?')
  • MENU: Edit->LVM Information' uses a submenu for partition select
  • MENU: Edit->Partition Tables' uses a submenu for partition select
  • MENU: Mode=APFS 'DUMP all FS-tree records' and show DIR NameHash
  • MENU: Mode=APFS -> Display SpaceManager info, shows alloc info
  • MENU: Mode=APFS -> Refresh to last Checkpoint, updates FS view
  • MENU: Mode=APFS -> Select container Volume, selects one Volume
  • MENU: Mode=APFS added SpaceManager display and two DUMP variants
  • MENU: Mode=Fdisk -> RESTORE partition info: Select disknr or SAME
  • MENU: Mode=ISO -> Select Volume Descriptor (UPCASE,Joliet,Boot)
  • OPTIONS: verbosity -q and -v changed to the generic -O:s|q|n|v|m
  • OS/2: Added 128x128 PNG versions of the standard DFSee icons
  • RESTORE: Fixed crash on restore IMZ file smaller than 1024 bytes
  • UI: Changed initial-focus to the [OK] button in DIR-select dialog
  • UI: Fixed scroll bug when not at end of scroll buffer (PgUp, Up)
  • Windows: Attach all physical disks, allowing disk number gaps
  • Windows: Fix dsk identification strings with disk number gaps
  • macOS: Added 'Terminal' app keyboard customization tips to help
  • macOS: TxFsShow, macOS, Add 'diskutil list' info for device


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