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Lucide 1.5.0 GA released

Lucide 1.5.0 GA has been released on netlabs

It reqiures libc libcx libgcc1 libgcc-fwd libstdc++6 libsupc++6 poppler poppler-data libjpeg djvulibre uclip from the netlabs RPM repository.

Changes in 1.5.0
- Update Poppler to version 0.59.0 fixes traps with loading large files
caused by mutex handle exhausion. Tickets 350, 355
- Masked floating point underflow exception caused by the Poppler update
- link to libcx (0.6.3) for exceptq support and to place heap in high memory
- Fixed trap caused by DosEnumAttribute not being high mem safe.
- Prevent print dialog from opening if no printers are found Ticket 340
- Add SAVE for PDF form files Tickets 181, 254, 273, 238
- Allow file name selection in saveas dialog Ticket 349
- Don't prompt to save file on close after save/saveas Ticket 274
- Update wis to load readme licenses and changelog from archives Ticket 352
- Wis changes to facilitate translation (language selection based on Lang
environment variable)
- Remove option to not associate Lucide with PDFs. It actually was removing the
association type and filters completely
- Add a set of alternate Lucide icons from David Graser to the install package
- Update build system to build the wpi based on the updated wis
- Null string search now clears search highlighting and disables find again
- Fix failure to load some thumbnails in preview window
- Prevent Lucide from trying to open unsupported file types that happen to have
supported extensions
- Allow opening of supported file types that have atypical extensions
- Prevent Lucide from attempting to open clearly broken files (0 pages etc)
- Prevent attempt to create thumbnails for files on drives that don't support EAs
- Update GBM documentation to reflect its addition to Lucide
- Deselect JPEG plugin in install in favor of GBM. They shouldn't be
installed together
- Limit size of text fields in PDF forms to length returned from the document
- Tooltip to show link URLs
- One level "back" on internal links
- Update documentation to reflect changes
- Improve index sync with scrolling
- Add Spanish help file; Update Spanish readme and lng file.(Alfredo Fernández Díaz)
- Add debug symbols to the installer.
- Add a contex menu to the document window.
- Made help instance language aware (only English and Spanish currectly)
- Update and sync dependencies in all the readmes.
- Add a partial Polish translation (Tae Wong)


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