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grep, sed, less, ed, bc, freetype, os2-rpm, fontconfig, Qt 5

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We released version 3.3-1 of grep (Pattern matching utilities), version 4.7-1 of sed (A GNU stream text editor), version 530-1 of less (A text file browser similar to more, but better), version 1.15-2 of ed (The GNU line editor), version 1.07.1-1 of bc (GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)), version 2.10.0-1 of freetype (A free and portable font rendering engine), version 1-7 of os2-rpm (OS/2 specific RPM macros and scripts), version 2.13.1-2 of fontconfig (Font configuration and customization library)
In Qt 5 we added Mouse, Keyboard, PM Font and PM Color support. A test rpm should be available soon.
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install just use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo or at the netlabs exp repo.

What's new in grep:

  • case insensitive search in --include/--exclude options (ticket #208)
  • update to version 3.3
  • move source to github
  • merge fedora spec with our spec

What's new in sed:

  • update to vendor version 4.7

What's new in less:

  • update source to version 530
  • move source to github

What's new in ed:

  • first rpm version

What's new in bc:

  • update to latest version
  • moved source to github
  • use scm_ macros

What's new in freetype:

  • updated source to 2.10.0
  • moved source to github
  • adjusted spec according to fedora
  • deliver docs as well

What's new in os2-rpm:

  • chg warpin-conflicts to look for rpmdummy entries as well

What's new in fontconfig:

  • fix a merge glitch, which gave crashes (sorry for that)
  • update to version 2.13.1
  • moved source to github
  • adjusted spec according to fedora one

To be able to finish our goals we need your support. Please sponsor as much as possible via our webshop or via our Patreon page.


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