Doodle's ScreenSaver v2.3

Doodle's ScreenSaver v2.3 is available for download.

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This is an Open Source Screen Saver for OS/2 and eCS. It's integrated into the WPS, replaces the old Lockup Desktop facility, and can cooperate with third party applications.

  • Preliminary release of Doodles Screensaver 2.1.
  • Note that if you installed the Xmas release of AOS_Logo, you should uninstall it first or you will have to force the install due to changes in version numbers.
  • Requires the YUM/RPM release of cairo.
ChangeLog File:
* v2.3 : 2019.06.19
- Target i686 instead of i586
- Use the FPU rather then emulation
- 32 bit code instead of 16 bit
- Make the initial Desktop Properties taller.
- Update Readme
* v2.2 : 2017.03.03
- Don't install eCSBall by default
- Update Rc files to use WarpSans
- Update txt messages in WPSSDesktop to use WarpSans


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