HPScan 1.0

HPScan 1.0 has been released:

- Hobbes

HPscan is a basic scanner frontend.

HPscan builds the scanimage.exe command line based on the settings and  selections made.

  • Mode and Resolution options supported 
  • Preview image scan at low resolution 
  • Selection of an area of the Preview image for scanning supported
  • Option to open scan in a Viewer Application 
  • No, HPscan does not perform any image correction or enhancement; this is 
  • left to whatever graphics editing program you use. 

Originally designed for HP scanners that use the hplip and hpaio libraries HPscan can also be used with any scanner that uses a sane ".conf" file -  later model scanners that cannot be used with TAME/2 because they have no  entry in the TAME/2 scanner database should work with HPscan.

HPScan 001

Source: eCSoft/2