libjpeg-turbo, hplip, gutenprint, cups-filters, qpdf, bww-resources-rpm and Qt 5

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We released version 2.0.3-1 of libjpeg-turbo (A MMX/SSE2/SIMD accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files), version 3.19.8-1 of hplip (HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project), version 5.3.3-2 of gutenprint (Printer Drivers Package), version 1.25.6-1 of cups-filters (OpenPrint CUPS filters and backends), version 9.0.1-1 of qpdf (Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF files), version 1.1.4-1 of bww-resources-rpm (bitwise works icons and folders), version 5.13.1.-1 of Qt 5 (Qt framework)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install just use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo or at the netlabs exp repo.

What's new in libjpeg-turbo:

  • update to vendor version 2.0.3

What's new in hplip:

  • update to vendor version 3.19.8

What's new in gutenprint:

  • update to vendor version 5.3.3
  • update cups ppd files across versions

What's new in cups-filters:

  • update to vendor version 1.25.6

What's new in qpdf

  • update to vendor version 9.0.1

What's new in bww-resources-rpm

  • Add -s option to allow for shared folders/objects
  • Make build sup-package depend on the main one

What's new in Qt 5

  • update to vendor version 5.13.1
  • port qtsvg to version 5.13.1
  • port qttools to version 5.13.1
  • port qtdeclarative to version 5.13.1
  • a whole bunch of fixes

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