WarpModem - Project Idea

This idea is taken from Windows system. The general idea will be to make a commun interphase for analog modems on your OS/2 system called "Warp Modem". Programs that uses the modem will had comunicate to "Warp Modem" to get the configuration of the modem and it status. This will be useful for OS/2 user, because he will not configure the modem on each OS/2 application that uses the modem.

What will be good is to have a "Modems" icons inside the OS/2 System Setup folder.


his program will show us the modems that are confugired on our system. If the systems has two ore more modems it will shows us all modems that we had configures.

To make this configuration we can start using the ATT Dialer Modem list that is available for public use (modem.lst - Apr 16 16:18:47 1997).

On this meny we can see the "Add...", "Properties...", "Delete..." and "Test..."


Add button will show us the instruccions to add a new modem

(picture also taken from ATT Dialer)

The "Test..." button will be a tool to test it is working. A good idea is the one from ATT dialer too.

(picture taken also from Att Dialer)

"Properties..." will show us something similar to the "Add" window to change the modem configuration.

"Remove..." will ask us for confimartion to delete that modem

Other tools
So, what kind of software will be good to integrate with Warp modem ?

All programs that used a analog modem can take advante of this. Developers of Phone dialers, Fax, Internet Dialers, Voice Phone, RAS, BBS software..etc..etc..



This project will need a good documentation so developers that wants to uses the OS/2 Warp Modem configuration can access it easily for their phone/fax/modem applications.

Wish list
  • Open Source Project / free license GNU GPL.
  • Enhance the modem.lst from ATT dialer and put more modems on it.
  • C++ or Java development.

This is just a development idea, there is nothing coded on this direction. The pictures in some cases are just fake to explain the posibilities of this project.

Martin Iturbide


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