Multimedia Project for OS/2

The basic idea is to create one big package, combining all of the Multimedia functionality needed for OS/2. The general approach will be to develop an Open Source replacement for OS/2 Multimedia (MMOS2) with added components to support extra file formats. The rules of the "OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project" will be followed to develop new components.

The second aspect of this idea will be to include every Open Source Multimedia project in one single install (so as to make one big Multi-media super-charger and replacement for MMOS2). The projects that may be included are MMIO-MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Timidity, CWAudio classes and Media folder, the MMPak by Thetaband, WarpCD, LBMixer, WarpGOGO and more.

It will be good to try to harmonise the licensing of these products under the GNU GPL and encourage the developers of CODECs and other components to join forces toward achieving a single goal.

Short and Utopic Wish List

Visual Features
  • Improve default Visualization
  • Skin Support (compatible with winamp?)
  • All features join together ? (Cd-Player, Video Player, Audio Player) like Quicktime or Windoze Media Player ?
  • Karaoke Window (support for kar files)

  • Cd-Ripping - MP3 encoder (included in common interphase like RealOne?)
  • Connection to CDDB (or similar) for naming the CD-tracks.
  • Equalizer
  • Playlist - Song list editor.
  • Sound Mixer ( Master Volumen, wave, CDAudio, Line in, Mic ) (Similar to Windows for playbak and recording)

  • Audio Playback</b>
  • Wav, Au, Aif, aiff, aifc
  • Midi, mid
  • MP2, MP3
  • OGG
  • MOD
  • RA ?
  • kar

Video PlayBack
  • MPG, mpeg, mpe, mp2, mpv2, mp2v, mpa
  • Cinepack
  • Quicktime (Sorenson?)
  • Real Video
  • Windoze Media Player (asf, asx, wm, wmx, wmp, wma, wax, wmv, wmx)
  • DivX

Video Streamming
  • DirectShow
  • Real Video
  • Quicktime Streamming

Browser Plugins
  • Netcape/Warpzilla

Extreme Features
  • TV Support (TV card)
  • DVD Player
  • Internet Guide for Player
  • Visualization Plugins
  • Portable Music Devices Connection
  • DVD to DIVX ripping


The OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project

MP3 & Ogg Vorbis Multimedia IOProcs for OS/2

CWAudio classes

The MMPak

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