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How to Configure the OS2 TCP/IP Stack with a NETCOM Account

We have found the following information useful, but we do not officially support the OS/2 TCP/IP stack. If you need more help, you will need to contact IBM.

Here is how to configure the OS/2 Warp Internet Access Kit to work with a NETCOM account.

  1. Go into the "IBM Internet Connection for OS/2" folder, and open the "Internet Utilities" folder.
  2. Double-click on the "Dial Other Internet Provider" icon.
  3. Add a new entry using whatever name you would like.
  4. Your login information should be:
    Login ID                #username
    Password                NetCruiser account password
    Required                checked
    Phone number            Local NETCOM number
    Login Sequence          leave blank
    Connection Type         PPP
  5. Connect information:
    Your IP Address
    Destination IP Address
    MRU Size                1500
    VJ Compression          checked
    DNS Server    
    Your Host Name          username
    Your Domain Name
  6. Server information:
    News Server   
    Gopher Server 
    WWW Server    
    Mail Gateway  
    POP Mail Server
    Reply Domain  
    Reply (Mail) ID         username
    POP Password            NetCruiser account password
  7. Modem information:
    Modem type              Choose your modem type from the list
    COM Port                The COM Port your modem is using
    Speed (Baud)            38,400
    Data Bits               8
    Parity                  none
    Prefix                  ATDT
    Init String 1           refer to your modem handbook
    Mode                    Dial

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