A note about removing OS/2 multimedia support

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Boot message - "line ?? is unrecognizable" following MM uninstall

Last Updated: 5th December, 1994


Error messages at boot time of the form "line xx is unrecognizable." following uninstall of Warp OS/2 MultiMedia.




APAR PJ15966

Several users have reported having their CONFIG.SYS left in an unusable state after using the new-with-Warp Selective Uninstall object in the System Setup folder. Damage included extra lines at the end of the file and edit errors on individual lines.


Do not use the OS/2 Warp Selective Uninstall feature to remove MMPM/2. Instead, use the following procedure:

  • Edit CONFIG.SYS and remove any references to the \MMOS2 directory.
  • Delete the contents of the Multimedia folder on the WPS Desktop, then delete the folder itself.
  • Shut down OS/2 and re-boot to free up any MMOS2 DLLs in use.
  • Remove the \MMOS2 directory.



This page is part of Frank McKenney's Warp Installation Notes, a major contribution to The Warp Pharmacy project.

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