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Account Manager
Version 0.16 (Aug 2000)
Author Mario Sebastiani
License e-mailware

Account Manager is a program that helps you store and retrieve information about multiple accounts (for example: e-mail account).


I needed to write this program because I have a lot of e-mail accounts, many HOST userid/passwords and some web sites. The first approach was to note down on my notebook all the userid/password information. But that damn notebook always played hide-and-seek with me. So I decided to write a program I can always find on my OS/2 WorkPlace Shell.

I think it's clear that the main target of this program is to serve myself. I'll be very proud if someone else finds it useful.

History Log

  • Version 0.16. Corrected some bugs and added new feature
    • Copy buttons to copy fields content to system clipboard.
  • Version 0.15. Important new features:
    • Import/Export
    • Print
    • Filter
    • Password protection
  • First release. It's still a working beta


I used REXX to code Account Manager. In particular, I used DrDialog/DrRexx because it allowed me to create a PM Program for OS/2 WPS.
Account Manager has the only target to help finding information about multiple accounts.
Account Manager is very easy to use. You can choose one account from the combo-box and the information about that account will be immediately showed
The buttons let you add, change (all but the name) or delete any account.
From the menu you can Import/Export data, print (list o single account), filter the data selecting the category (WEB Sites, FTP Sites, E-Mail addresses, Others or All).