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Can I make OS/2 boot into a text-based shell without automatically starting the Workplace Shell?

Yes, you can have OS/2 start a command-prompt shell instead of the Workplace Shell. Look for these lines in your CONFIG.SYS file:

PMSHELL.EXE is the executable file for the Workplace Shell. You can replace that shell with the OS/2 command-line shell by replacing PMSHELL.EXE with CMD.EXE, or any other OS/2-based shell for that matter. If you want a single-tasking character-based system only, replace the PROTSHELL (which stands for Protected Mode Shell). If you want multiple sessions and the Presentation Manager without the Workplace Shell, replace just the RUNWORKPLACE line. Replacing only RUNWORKPLACE will cause your system to boot into a graphical screen, but will not open your desktop or start the Workplace Shell. You will have one open text-based window labeled "Workplace Shell" on your screen. Once you are done issuing commands and want to launch the Workplace Shell, type:


How can set the size of my command-line windows so that they will open to the same size every time??

Hold down the Shift key while maximizing or resizing a windowed command line. Each new command line window opened will conform to that size and shape.

How can I get Presentation Manager programs to start minimized? Only DOS and Windows programs give me that option.

Normally, you can't. However, you can trick the Workplace Shell into giving you the option to run a program minimized by deliberately misspelling the name of the program on the first page of the settings notebook. Since the notebook can't find the program you are referring to and identify it as a PM program, it will give you the setting to run it minimized. Simply misspell the name of the program, set the minimize parameter, and return to correct the name of the program. Not elegant, but it works.


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