Applying Fixpaks to OS/2 Warp from a Local Hard Drive (Alternative)

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Author Martin Iturbide
Date 2021-05-12
OS Version OS/2 Warp 3, Warp 4 and Warp 4.5x.
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This is an alternative procedure to prepare and install fixpacks for OS/2 Warp from the local HDD. A different but similar alternative is available on this article Applying Fixpaks to OS/2 Warp from a Local Hard Drive.

This instructions had worked for me running OS/2 Warp 3, Warp 4 and Warp 4.5x.

The Tools/Files

First we need to unpack and prepare the fixpack to install, we will require the following tools:

  • Fixpack files - These are the .*dk diskette image files. [1]
  • Corrective Service Facility 2-B Version 1.44 (cs_144.exe) - The IBM tool that install fixpacks.
  • Diunpack [2] - The tool that will unpack the fixpack files.
  • FIX.CMD - A script that will load the IBM fixpack install tool and install the fixpack from the HDD.

Preparing the Fixpack

The fixpacks are available in a diskette format image. It was useful on the days were the PC had only a diskette drive, but today we have more storage and the internet to download this kind of files.

First we are going to create a directory to put all the files there:

1.- Using diunpack

You will need to go file by file to "unpack" each of the fixpack files. For example:

diunpack xr_m015.1dk

It will show you all the files getting unpacked.

After that you move to the next and next.

diunpack xr_m015.2dk 
diunpack xr_m015.3dk 


2.- Run CSF to uncompress it.

Just run it (cs_144.exe) inside the directory and it will unpack all its files.

3.- Copy FIX.CMD on the same folder.

Installing the Fixpack

Run FIX.CMD and follow the install procedure.

It will ask your for a directory location of backup files. After that you can start the update procedure.

You may get some warning that some files can not be services since are in used. It will give you the option to update those files on the next reboot.

Validate the Fixpack Install

After the next reboot you can validate the version and kernel level by executing a "ver /r" and you will see the fixpacks level on it.


[C:\]ver /r

The Operating System/2 Version is 4.50
Revision 14.106

The 14.106 indicates that OS/2 Warp 4.50 is at Fixpack 6 level (XR_C006).