ArcaOS 5.0

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ArcaOS 5.0
Arcaos logo.png
Version 5.0
Release Date 2017-05-15
Vendor Arca Noae
License Commercial software
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by ArcaOS 5.0.1

It's code name was "Blue Lion" and it was finally released to the public on May 15 of 2017.

ArcaOS offers a new set of drivers for ACPI, network, USB, video and mouse to run OS/2 in newer hardware. It also includes a new OS installer and open source software like Samba, Libc libraries, SDL, Qt, Firefox and OpenOffice...

It's available in two editions, Personal ($129 with an introductory price of $99 for the first 90 days [and six months of support and maintenance updates]) and Commercial ($239 with one year of support and maintenance).

By Tuesday (May 15 of 2017) Arca Noae was reporting "excessive traffic on the server which is impacting our ordering and delivery process," though the actual downloads of the OS were unaffected, the server load issues were soon mitigated, and they thanked OS/2 enthusiasts for a "truly overwhelming response."

A picture of a "Blue Lion" was used to represent the product


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