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Archive Manager
Version 3.0 (Mar 1996)
Vendor VacNat Software
Author Kelly Schrock
License Shareware

Archive Manager is a graphical PM front end for the OS/2 versions of the command line archive programs PKZIP, PKUNZIP, InfoZIP 5.x, and A:Ware's LH, LH32. It is designed to provide a consistent interface between the user and the archive programs, making the creation and maintenance of archive files simple.


Archive Manager is fully drag-and-drop enabled, allowing you to add files to an archive by just dropping them on it's main window. Likewise, you can extract files from an archive by just dragging from it's window into any folder, or move files from one archive to another by dragging them from one window into another.

Archive Manager features an integrated viewer window for viewing text files contained in an archive file, complete with search and copy functions. Viewing archives embedded within other archives is also supported. Archive Manager can optionally create a folder on the desktop containing any files you extract.