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Arne Blankerts is head of development and co-owner of a German advertising agency in Hamburg, called "tow] Werbeagentur". He's a freelance author for the german php-Magazin ( ) and actively supports php, qmail and more on IRC. Being in the US, he will also be offical representative for whose internet-connection he's proud to be responsible of for quite some time now. Arne has been using OS/2 since version 2.10 (he installed it from a truckload of floppy-discs..) up to eCS 1.0...

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  • FormCheck
  • YALA - Yet Another Logfile Analyser for Apache/2


  • Warpstock Europe 2007: Firefox extension [1]

Warpstock 2004

  • CL-09 : Mozilla Based Content Management for your website

Warpstock 2003

  • PRG-05 : XUL (aka, the Mozilla GUI Toolkit)
  • PRG-04 : Advanced PHP
  • PRG-03 : PHP Basics
  • PRG-02 : XML/XPath/XSL basics