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Artie is one of the self-proclaimed OS/2 Warp, ArcaOS, eComStation and other OS/2 derivative OSes community mascot.


The OS/2 community discussed on the OS2World forums (and other sites) what should be a good mascot for OS/2. At some voting it became evident that a lot of people liked the idea of an elephant as a mascot.

Why an Elephant?

On OS/2 Warp there was a program that was a simple registration form to register your product with IBM. A lot of people on the forums asked how to disable that program from boot, and it always showed a cartoon elephant on that form, that may be one of reasons why the OS/2 users consider an elephant a good mascot for the OS.

Here it is a picture of IBM's registration form for OS/2 Warp

Why is he called Artie?

OS/2 Warp 4 used to have the elephant registration form (explained before). The .exe file of that program was called ARTchron.exe, which made it obvious (sarcasm) that the elephant is called "Artie".

Image History

This mascot is based on a public domain cartoon elephant located in several free cliparts sites [1][2] [3]. The eyes were slightly modified by Martin Iturbide with Inkscape.


Version 1.x

Artie Gallery


  • Version 1.1 is Public Domain.


  • Version 1.1
    • Public Domain picture with eyes modified by Martin Iturbide.