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Back Again/2
Vendor Computer Data Strategies
License Commercial / Discontinued.
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Ease of use and powerful capabilities go hand-in-hand with Back Again/2 Professional. BA/2 Pro takes full advantage of OS/2 Warp, with IBM Workplace Shell "drag and drop" support, a built-in scheduler, password protection, and multiple levels of data compression. A previously defined backup can be initiated by simply pointing at the backup set object and double clicking on the mouse.

  • Back Again/2 Professional Edition
  • Back Again/2 Personal Edition

General Comments

With its standalone restore facility, BA/2 Pro eliminates having to reinstall OS/2. You're up and running in minutes. BA/2 Pro makes backing up to SCSI tape drives, networks, removable cartridges, and even floppy disks as easy as "drag and drop". And now, with even broader device support, BA/2 Pro is the only package for OS/2 that supports the fast and economical ATAPI/IDE tape drives. It's Never too Late - With Back Again/2.

Check out these advanced features :

  • Full 32-bit implementation
  • Graphical and command line interfaces
  • Completely multi-threaded
  • Full Workplace Shell integration
  • Complete disaster recovery utility
  • Broad device support

Supported devices :

  • Fixed and Removable disk drives
  • 360k, 720k, 1.2MB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB diskette drives
  • Hard drives supported by OS/2
  • LAN-attached drives (via drive letter and UNC)

Removable cartridge drives

  • Iomega Bernoulli, Jaz, and Zip drives
  • Syquest 5.25" and 3.5" removable drives (including the 135MB EZ drive)
  • Magneto-optical devices from APS, Fujitsu, IBM, Mitsubishi, and others

ATAPI/IDE tape drives

  • APS Technologies APS HyperQIC ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive
  • Conner CTMA4000 ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive
  • Conner CTT8000 ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive

SCSI, SCSI II, Ultra SCSI interface tape drives

  • APS Technologies DLT20, DLT30, DLT40 DLT
  • APS Technologies APS DAT 4mm DAT
   APS Technologies APS HyperDAT DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   APS Technologies APS HyperDAT Pro DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   APS Technologies APS HyperQIC SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Archive Viper 2060S QIC-60 
   Archive Viper 2150S QIC-150 
   Archive Viper 2525S QIC-525 
   Archive Anaconda QIC-1000 
   Archive 4320, 4340, 4520 Python 4mm DAT 
   Archive 4324, 4524 Turbo Python 4mm DAT 
   Archive 4326, 4526 Turbo Python DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Colorado PowerTape 1100 QIC-525 
   Colorado PowerTape 2400 QIC-1000 
   Colorado PowerDAT 4000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS2000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS4000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS8000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Conner CTMS3200 SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Conner CTT8000 SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Compaq 525 QIC-525 
   Compaq 10GB/20GB DLT 
   Exabyte 2501t/2501c 
   Exabyte 4200/4200c 4mm DAT 
   Exabyte 8500 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8505 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8505XL 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8700 8mm HS 
   Hewlett-Packard 35450 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard 35470A 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard 35480A 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1533A 4mm DDS-2 DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1534 4mm DDS DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1536 4mm DDS/DC DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard JetStore 2000 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard JetStore 6000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   IBM 4-10GB DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   IBM ThinkPad SCSI Tape Drive Option 
   Maynard MaynStream 525Q QIC-525 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 1300 4mm DAT 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 2000D 4mm DAT 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 2000DF DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   PCX PortaTape 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT2000 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT4000 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT5000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT5200 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT7000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Tandberg 3660 QIC-150 
   Tandberg 3800 QIC-525 
   Tandberg 4120 QIC-1000 
   Tandberg 4200 QIC-2000 
   WangDAT 3100 4mm DAT 
   WangDAT 3200 4mm DAT 
   WangDAT 3400 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Wangtek 5099ES QIC-60 
   Wangtek 5150ES QIC-150 
   Wangtek 5525ES QIC-525 
   Wangtek 51000 QIC-1000 
   Wangtek 6130 4mm DAT 
   Wangtek 6200 4mm DAT

Supports any device supported as nameable drive,including SCSI tape drives, Bernoulli Boxes, Syquest removable hard drives,diskettes, etc. Will support EA’s, HPFS, HPFS386, andlong file names. Ease of useand powerful capabilities go hand-in-hand with BackAgain/2 Professional.Featuring an attractive pointand click interface modeled after the OS/2 ‘drivesobject’, Back Again/2 Professional also features abuilt-in scheduler, password protection, and multiplelevels of data compression.


  • CDS50 Back Again/2 Personal Edition
  • CDS84 BackAgain/2 Pro V4.0
  • CDS85 BackAgain/2 Pro V4 CU
  • CDS86 BackAgain/2 Ent Ed