Belgium Calling! - Interview to Kris Steenhaut

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By Kim Haverblad

This week we captured Kris Steenhaut, 58 years old (very old is his own comment!) from Gent, Belgium.

Q: What is Your occupation/profession?

A: Civil servant.

Q: How long have you been using OS2 (version and year)?

A: Warp 3 since 1995.

Q What version of OS2 are You current using?

A: Warp 4 FP9, Dutch NLS

Q: What is Your favorite OS2 software?

A: Lotus 123 from SS 1.5

Q: What application will you like to be made/ported for OS2?

A: Win32 version 1.30 programs. They don't run in OS/2 now, and as these aren't 32 bit programs, Odin doesn't do them either.

Q: Anyone in the OS2 community You think should get mentioned for excellent work?

A: Daniela Engert

Q: Any others coments regarding the OS2 community?

A: Not really.